Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shoes Need New Owner

A pair of ROXY slip on flats needs loving owner.

I bought these darling shoes in Washington, while we were on vacation. They were on the super clearance rack. Ten whole dollars. Can you believe it? I was not going to pass up this bargain even if they were a 1/2 size too small. Shoes stretch out, right?
Maybe, if you are patient enough to endure the pain, which I tried.
I walked in these shoes for 2 hours on Sunday, while at a Farmers Market. My toes were a little uncomfortable at first and then they started to rub against my heel. I decided to just walk on my toes and that started to get annoying so I took the dang things off and walked around barefoot.
Later, I took the shoes back to the hotel room and replaced them with a more comfortable pair. No big deal. We got home from our trip and I went about my daily tasks on Tuesday. That night I saw that I had a blister on my right heel and it was painful to walk and to move my ankle around. I still didn't think anything of it. The next morning it was still hurting and I decided to take care of the blister by squeezing the pus out of it. ( sorry for those that have weak stomachs) I sprayed it with some numbing spray and it felt better. A few hours it started to hurt again and It was painful to walk again, I noticed quite a bit of redness around the blister and it looked like it was spreading to my ankle. It was also warm to the touch. It seemed like some of the symptoms of an infection. I called my doctor and his nurse told me to come in. The doctor squeezed the pus out of it and gave me some antibiotics and said that she was glad that I came in and that I was starting to get cellulitis.
Can you believe this, all because I couldn't pass up a good deal. I could of bought a really cute, comfortable pair of shoes for the money that I spent at the doctor and my antibiotics.

My heel, the day after the doctor visit. It actually looks a lot better
then it did yesterday.

I am serious about finding a new owner, If anyone has size 7 feet and wants these shoes let me know. I am never going to put them on again.

Our Annual Dave Matthews Trip

The Beautiful Scenery

Luke, Melissa, Jamie and Nicole (my cute sis)

We just returned from our 5Th annual Dave Matthews Band trip in George, Washington at the Gorge Amphitheatre. We went with my sister Nicole and her husband Jamie and then some of Luke's friends who attend every year as well. The concerts are held over Labor day weekend and they play Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We attended all three concerts. They play a different concert for each night. Some of his new songs are repeated but overall the songs are switched up. All three concerts were great, but Sunday's was my favorite. He played some of his more common and upbeat songs, like Ants Marching, Lie in our Graves, When the World Ends, What Would you say, Corn Bread, So Damn Lucky. The band saxophonist recently died from complications of an ATV accident, so every night they had a video tribute to him. On Friday night glow sticks were handed out before the concert and during the tribute everyone was throwing the glow sticks, it was literally raining glow sticks. One thing that was different this year then any year is that it was freezing. Friday was OK, I had to put on my Jacket and I was fine. Saturday, I wore jeans and had two jackets on and was still cold. I was so cold toward the end that I couldn't enjoy the music. I had to go buy some Hot Chocolate and I almost walked back to the car before the concert was over. Sunday's concert we came prepared with long socks, and shoes vs. flip-flops, hat, and blankets and it was perfect. Below are some pictures. I got some footage of Dave dancing. The last song on Sunday night was Thank You, a cover song, but supposedly his guitar string broke and he gave it to a member of stage crew and then began to go crazy. It was pretty cool to see him let loose like that. You can't see it very well on this video though. Someday it would be awesome to be on the front row.

The Gorge is a crazy place, you see some pretty weird people. It is fun to just people watch. Many, Many drunk people running around, falling down, doing crazy stuff.