Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Luke and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary last night. Our actual anniversary is on the 16th but we were at the Griffin family reunion. We take turns planning, and this year was my year. I was reading in the newspaper that they hold free concerts at the Brigham Young historical park downtown, and it just so happened to be Peter Brienholt and Nancy Hansen who would be playing. I was so excited because Luke really likes Peter Breinholt and you can't beat free either.

We got to the concert and found a spot on the lawn. There were no seats left but that was ok by me. I kind of wanted to lay down on the grass and cuddle:) anyway. It was a really good concert. I planned to get dinner beforehand and eat it on the grass but ran out of time, so we decided to go to the Melting Pot. We went there two years ago for our Anniversary, I guess it's starting to be a tradition. We ordered the dinner for two, which for those of you that haven't been there includes the cheese, salad, main dish and the chocolate. So yummy. I was so super stuffed though and could hardly enjoy the chocolate. Someday I will have to skip the dinner and just order the chocolate. It was a really nice night.

Love you Luke!!