Monday, October 6, 2008

My Quirks

I've been tagged by my good friend Lauren. Heaven Help the Horsley's is her blog. It is a really good one. I am envious of her writing abilities. And for really great mommy tips check her other blog out her mommy blog. Anyway, I am supposed to blog about 6 unspectacular quirks. I must say that I have been stewing about this one for a few days. But I finally figured a couple of mine out.

#1 Talk Radio Junkie
I am nerd I know but I listen to talk radio most of the day. I am turning into my dad. I always used to hate it when he had KSL 1160 blaring in the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. You name a place he had a radio and was listening to talk radio. I have a couple of favorites and I am writing this to defend myself. First one Dr. Laura. I know all of you are rolling your eyes. I am right there with you, I agree that she is mean, arrogant and hypocritical sometimes, but for the most part I think that she gives good advice and honestly has helped me become a better wife and mother. Second one Glenn Beck. Sometimes he seems to be doom and gloom but other times he is really funny. My kids will catch me LOL when I am listening to him and they are like "Mommy, what are you laughing at." I love it when he makes fun of his wife. (Sounds Awful) But, most of the time the things he says are so true on how woman act, and he uses this funny, nagging voice to do it with. I also enjoy a little Dave Ramsey, Bob Lonsberry and 1160 for the news and traffic reports.
#2 Dave Matthews Band Groupie
I have attended about 15 Dave Matthews concerts. I have seen him 3 times here in Salt Lake, 10 times in Washington and 1 time in Las Vegas. My husband and I both liked them when we got married but his friends are crazy about him and have dragged us into this obsession with them. My favorite concert was when he played in Las Vegas. Dave wasn't with the band he played an acoustic concert with his good friend Tim Reynolds. They are both amazing on the guitar. It was also just more intimate than the concerts with the entire band.
#3 I hate my belly button to be touched
I hate it when anyone touches my belly button. Namely. my husband or my kids because I know there aren't many other people that would just randomly come up and touch it. I have hated this for along time even before I got married. I hate it because and I don't know if it is just me but when it gets touched a lot it gets sore and it really hurts and it gets kind of scabby. I know it is kind of ironic but I once had my belly button pierced. Maybe that is where this all started?
#4 I love to pop zits and peel skin after a sunburn
There is something wonderful when you squeeze a big juicy zit and pus comes out and hits the mirror. And believe me I have had much zit popping experience. I enjoy attacking my husband as well. Now for the skin peeling thing, I am kind of picky on this. It can't just be little pieces of skin flaking off it has to be big pieces and it has to make that sound it makes when it is being torn off the flesh. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
#5 I hate the word " panty"
I have always hated this word. They are not panties they are underwear. Panty just sounds too feminine and sissy to me. I really can't explain my dislike for this word, I just do
And since I have to do Six my last one is
#6 I am obsessed with checking my caller ID
I check my caller ID several times a day, even when I know no one has called. And it gets worse, lately our caller ID hasn't been working but I still check it. Just in case I miss that very important call I have been waiting for all my life. I don't know.
Now that you all know that I am officially crazy, I get delve into some of your lives. I officially tag Jill Armstrong, Ed Griffin, Paige Fotheringham, Corinne Hannan, and Stephanie Hunt